Monday, August 28, 2006

Freedom of movement

It is in the interests of cyclists that they take care of themselves.
‘Ride where-ever you can. Just don't do anything stupid.’ seems to be the ethos among cyclists in Japan.

Cyclists in Japan can plan their route according to what surfaces are physically available to ride on, as it unfolds before them.
Apart from not being permitted to ride on Expressways or to do right hand turns with vehicles at intersections, they are unimpeded in their choice of route.

Denying cyclists the choice of making use of footpaths, pedestrian crossings, free left hand turns and contra-flow rights in one-way streets all detract from the experience of cycling that cyclists should naturally enjoy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great truth you tell here about cyclists in New Zealand! Having just spent two months in a suburb of Tokyo and lived daily with the joy of unfettered use of any surface on an ergonomic single speed upright classic bike with no helmet and a basket in front!

Similarly the Japanese are not driving 4WD wagons! They sensibly sold them off overseas!

Kiwi thinking has lost the joy of easy utility biking, and replaced it inappropriately with the macho wild image created by the strong marketing of mountain and gtx head down 'go like hell' biking.

I loved the Japanese bikes!


27 January, 2007 02:49  

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