Monday, August 28, 2006

Fossil Fuels consumption in New Zealand

*In 2005 the transport sector in New Zealand used about 210 petajoules with (approximately) 159,000 barrels of oil per petajoule, which comes to ( approximately ) 33,390,000 barrels at US$72 per barrel ( at today's prices) costing us US$2,404,080,000 or NZ$ 3,787,977,319 divided by 365 to give us the total of NZ$10,378,020 per day for our transport related use of oil.

-Of course this figure is subject to fluctuations in the exchange rate, the price of oil etc but it does give us an easy to remember ballpark figure to refer to when quantifying the financial cost of our addiction to fossil fuels. It must be our biggest reducible expense.


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