Monday, August 28, 2006

Ideas for a billboard campaign

To promote utility cycling a series of billboards could be ( temporarily ) erected ( every spring ) at major entry points to Christchurch ( or any of New Zealand's cities).
Funding could be sought from Central Government, Local Territorial Authority and cycle retail groups or levied from motorists coming into the city.

1st billboard divided into 3 photographic images :
Photo taken from the perspective of a commuter from back of a crowded bus sitting in traffic.
Photo looking from the back of cars looking down along rows of cars stuck at traffic lights with a cyclist down at the front.
( Text ) Comfort? Speed ?
3rd picture of a cyclist : (Text) Freedom !
-to be placed where people who are stuck in traffic will have time to look at it .

Next billboard placed further along the same route near the next set of traffic lights.
Large map of the area along which the traffic is moving back which extends back into the areas from which it is likely to have originated and continues on to the various destinations to which it may be going.
Coloured routes from A to B with distances and times that could give would-be cyclists some idea of the actualities of making the change to cycling.

3rd billboard.
'WHAT?' : Technologies: Presentation of generic standard ( mountain and 'road' bikes ) and 'alternative' technologies:
European style commuter bikes with internal hub gearing, internal hub dynamo lighting, baskets ,
Folding bikes,,
Electric 'power assisted' bicycles.
'WHY ?' : Benefits of cycling :health , freedom, convenience, traffic reduction, noise reduction, easy parking,
Kyoto protocol.

Raining ? too cold ? headwinds ? tired ? uphill ?

Being able to put our bikes on buses ( and trains) would encourage more to take up cycling.

Have a look at this from Seattle:

From Santa Cruz


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